Apne Dam Par Payment Plan

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Why Apne Dam Par Payment Plan Exist?

What if I tell you, you’ve to pay almost 40% more for your home, and you don’t have any other option? Injustice? Right? This is what the Rashmi Group (Ghar Ho To Aisa) saw in 2008. But, do they ignore it? No, because as you they’re committed to providing the best services to their customer, and here’s where Apne Dam Par Payment Plan Started.

What is Apne Dam Par (ADP)?

Apne Dam Par is a payment plan for a homebuyer who is going to opt for a home loan. Instead of initially taking a home loan, Rashmi Group developers ask people to pay 10% more on a down payment and afterward pay a monthly installment with 0% interest. Here’s when home buyers get a big relief: their big interest burden is wiped out with ADP. and on possession time for a pending amount, you can choose to have a home loan, but at this moment, you’ve saved 40% on your home loan interest. The most fascinating thing about the ADP Plan is that your tenure is reduced by 1/3. If you didn’t get it, let me explain.

Structure of Payment in Apne Dam Par!

Flat Type: 2BHK

Estimated Price of flat: 47.44 Lakhs (Actual price of our upcoming project at Vasai, Mumbai)

ParticularsHome LoanApne dam ParDifference
On Booking9,48,9747,10,0002,38,974
On Plinth7,10,000(7,10,000)
EMI with Interest65,32,02019,00,00046,32,020
On Possession14,24,870(14,24,870)
Total Cost74,80,99447,44,87027,36,124
Home Loan V/s ADP (Payment Structure)

How to Apply?

ADP payment is only available on the Rashmi Group Project, but you’re lucky enough if you stay in Mumbai and are looking for homes in the zone of Mira Road to Virar. But sooner or later, Rashmi Group will reach each state of India; currently, this plan is available for their upcoming project.

To check Rashmi Group’s upcoming project: Rashmigroupmumbai.com

Steps to Apply!

  1. Visit the Rashmi Group website https://www.gharhotoaisa.com/
  2. Click on the Projects section
  3. Filter Area and location as per your need
  4. Click on the project, where you want ADP Payment Plan.
  5. That’s it; you’ve taken the step to save your lacs on a home purchase.


The ADP Payment Plan is the best for a home buyer who is going to opt for a home loan; this plan not only saves them lakhs of rupees but also reduces their tenure by 1/3.

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