Is It Apne Dam Par Legit?

When it looks too good, it’s a scam.

It’s said that Apne Dam Par (ADP) can save you up to 40% of your home loan interest. If we put this word into numbers, it’s more than 15 lacs! So, is it true, or is it only a marketing technique used by the marketing team?

In today’s blog, we’ll talk everything about Apne Dam Par Plan: How it works, its uniqueness, and whether it’s legit or not.

What is Apne Dam Par?

The Apne Dam Par Payment Plan is a huge money saver for a home buyer who is planning to opt for a home loan to buy a house. This plan was started in 2008 by Rashmi Group to reduce the huge burden of interest for their customers.

Why are People Afraid of it?

In a world of Scams, when you hear you’re going to save up to 40 lacs, it sounds spammy to you. And when it’s about your home, no one wants to lose their hard-earned money, as it’s a lifelong investment. This is the reason why people are afraid to know about it, but in the two sections below, you’ll get to know why it’s best for you.

How Does “Apne Dam Par” Work?

The Apne Dam Par Payment Plan is not a substitute for a home loan, but it is helping you plan your home loan in a smart way. To understand this part, we will see the calculations.

The plan works in a ratio of 20:40:40. Here’s how it breaks down:
20%: A down payment is required at the time of registration.
40%: Payable as EMIs with 0% interest.
40%: Payable at the time of possession, either through a home loan or self-arrangement.

(Now, let’s add some numbers to make it clear and compare it with a traditional home loan, so you can see how much you can save. For example, you want to buy a 2BHK flat that costs around 50 Lakhs. Now, let’s compare the traditional home loan Method and the Apne Dam Par Payment Plan.)

Traditional Home Loan:

Down Payment (10%): 5,00,000/-

Home Loan (90%) with an interest rate of 8% for 15 years: 77,40,782 (43,000 EMI per month)

Total: 82,40,782/-

Extra Interest Paid: 32,40,782/-

Apne Dam Par Payment Plan:

Down Payment (20%): 10,00,000/-

Apne Dam Par (40%) with 0% interest for 3 years: 20,00,000/- (55,555)

Home Loan (40%) with an interest rate of 8% for 5 years: 24,33,167/-

Total: 54,33,167/-

Extra Interest Paid: 4,33,167/-

(2BHK Flat Price for 50 Lacs Rupees)

ParticularsOnly Home LoanParticularsHome Loan + Apne Dam Par
Down Payment (10%)5,00,000/-Down Payment (10%)10,00,000/-
Home Loan (90%) (8% for 15 years)82,40,782/-ADP (40%) (0% for 3 years)20,00,000/-
Home Loan (40%) (8% for 5 years)24,33,167/
Total paid82,40,782/-Total paid54,33,167/-
Extra Interest Paid32,40,782/-Extra Interest Paid4,33,167/-
Comparison between Traditional Home Loan and Home Loan + ADP, to show how it works.

As per the calculations, you can see that with a traditional home loan, you would have paid 32,40,782. But with the Apne Dam Par plan, you would have paid only 4,33,167 rupees.
By subtracting this amount from the home loan, you save 28 lakh rupees! Can you believe it? But what if I say more than 4,000 families have already used this amazing plan? It’s definitely remarkable and built on trust.
As you can see, this plan is not a substitute for a home loan. But plan your home in such a way that it leads to huge savings on your home loan interest.

A Unique Feature of the Apne Dam Par Payment Plan

The ADP Plan has a unique feature that helps you save money. “It’s 0% Interest EMI”. A loan must have an interest rate of at least 8%. 40% of your home is yours to pay with No interest; you are only required to pay the principal directly to a builder. That’s when you start saving money and building trust with the builder.

Is ADP Legit?

As we understood, ADP plans your home loan in a smart way that leads to huge savings. There’s nothing else that you need to worry about. So, that makes this plan 100% legit, but it is only available at Rashmi Group Properties.

Where do I Apply for this plan?

To buy a house with an ADP plan, visit Rashmi Group’s official Websites. On the website, you’ll find the latest project of Rashmi Group; only from that portal can you apply for this plan.


Apne Dam Par Payment is 100% legit; it’s planning your home loan in a way that saves you huge money. and with 0% Interest EMI, ADP is unique among others.

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