Growth Partner

Growth Partner is the latest innovation of Rashmi Group (Ghar Ho To Aisa). This plan is inspired by America’s real estate industry, where investors can only buy one floor. This allows investors to invest a smaller amount rather than a whole building.

History of creation

When the new generation entered, they came up with new ideas. In the past, Rashmi Group has launched two customer-friendly plans named “Ghar Ho To Aisa” and “Apne Dam Par“. Now, “Siddhart Bosmiya,” who is the new face of the Rashmi Group, has come up with an investor-friendly plan named “Growth Partner”. This plan not only breaks past myths about real estate investing. But also have unbreakable features that make it a revolutionary plan.

Features of Growth Partner

  • Fix Monthly Income: Growth Partner offers a fixed monthly rental income of Rs. “80,000” for 30 months. Rashmi Group believes that investors may have monthly expenses to pay off. Or they can invest it somewhere to generate more money.
  • Assured returns: In a Growth partnership with a fixed monthly income of Rs. “80,000, you also get 50% profit sharing. And if you add both together, you’ll get 36% returns in 30 months on your investment.
  • Secured: A growth partner has one unique thing: it’s not subject to market risk. Yes, your money and profit will not be affected even if the market is performing poorly.
  • Fixed Tenure: The growth partner has a fixed tenure of 30 months. After that, you’ll get your principal amount + Profit.
  • Good Liquidity: Growth partners allow investors to exit in case of emergencies. The process is also simple, so investors can have their funds when they need them.
  • Option to buy: At a time of maturity, ask the investor whether they want to buy a flat at a discounted rate. or get back their money.
  • Documented: Growth Partners understands the concern that people have about legality. So, they documented everything, so you won’t worry about that.
  • Token is smaller than standard: People require crores of rupees to invest in real estate, but in Growth Partner you only require to Invest 1.2 CR.

What Makes GP Revolutionary (Old Myths It breaks)

Real estate investments require a lot of money.

It’s true that only a few investors can benefit from the real estate industry, as it requires a lot of money. But we want every investor to get a piece of the profit from a hug profit, and we did in a “Growth Partner,” where an investor doesn’t need to pay money in crores and crores but just needs to invest Rs. 1.2CR.

Real estate Investment has too much risk.

After every investment ad, you’ve heard or read this statement: “This investment is subject to market risk,” and real estate is not an exception to it. But we want to create something more secure for you, so we created a structure in a way that makes Growth Partner “Not subject to market risk.”

Real estate investments don’t have high returns.

It takes a lot of time in real estate to grow your money. The process itself is long and hectic. But how is a growth partner unique? because here you’ll get 36% returns in 30 months plus $80,000 in fixed monthly income for 30 Months.

Real estate investment doesn’t have a fixed tenure.

Time is the most important thing; no one wants to be timeless while investing in money. And In real estate, people always find it difficult to fix a tenure, but with a growth partner, that’s not the case. Here, your tenure is fixed at 30 months. And with that, we allow you to have something, which is our next point.

Real estate investments don’t have good liquidity.

Emergency.” This one word haunts us badly. Everyone desires some funds to have in case of emergency, but when you invest in real estate, it’s a big struggle for you to get your money liquidated, and even if you do, you’ll compromise on price. We know your situation, and as a Growth Partner, you’ll get good liquidity, which means in some days you’ll get your money back with the interest of that particular time period.

Real estate investments have complicated paperwork.

Legally, every investor wants their investment to be documented correctly, but when it comes to real estate, the property itself requires many documents, and one issue in the paperwork can cost you a lot, and we don’t want our investor to face any kind of legal issue. So, in Growth Partner, everything is documented properly, so the investor doesn’t need to worry about the legality of an investment.

Real estate investments require property to buy for income.

Rental income, price appreciation, and capital assets are some major benefits that attract investors to invest in real estate, but we want our investors to get as many options as possible, and in a Growth Partner, you’ll get the option at maturity to take a profit or to buy a flat at a discounted rate.

How to become a growth Partner

If all of the features and benefits interest you, then at least you should know more:

Here are some steps to Invest in a growth partner.

  • Visit:
  • Fill out the form and our executive team will contact you
  • On a zoom or physical call, they’ll explain again and do the document work
  • Make the investment and enjoy the monthly income from the immediate next month.


Growth Partner is a revolutionary retail investment plan; it’s a game changer for the real estate industry as it will allow many investors to book a good amount of profit in a secured way.

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