1BHK Ki Price Mein 2BHK

2023 is complex, but it is the best, like life. But, to make it more memorable for homebuyers, we as “Ghar Ho To Aisa – Rashmi Group” come up with our best offer, and that’s “1BHK Ki Price Mein 2BHK.” It’s amazing, right? But I know you’ve got so many questions about this, so let me explain everything about this offer in this blog.

Outline of this Blog

  • Who is Rashmi Group
  • 1 BHK Ki Price Mein 2 BHK, is it real?
  • Is it a scam or an amazing offer?
  • How is it possible?
  • Should we worry about quality?
  • Is it located in an isolated place?
  • When will the offer end?

Who is Rashmi Group?

Rashmi Group is a real estate developer who has completed 49+ projects in the last 25 years. We’re popular for our inventions, as we always thrive to do something better for our customers, and this time we came up with an offer that will be considered the best offer of 2023.

1 BHK Ki Price Mein 2 BHK, is it real?

Indeed! Currently, in Mira Road, the price of 2 BHK is more than 1 CR, which has good quality and amenities. And if you check Western Suburban, the price of 1 BHK is 1CR and more, and we’re providing 2 BHK in just 72 Lacs with 40+ amenities and much more. Therefore, we claimed that we’re offering 1 BHK Ki Price Mein 2 BHK.

Is it a scam or an amazing offer?

Ghar Ho To Aisa – Rashmi Group is built on trust; for us, nothing comes first than our customer satisfaction, and we’ll ensure that everything we do is customer-friendly and helpful. So, yes, this is the best offer you came up with in 2023.

How is it possible?

“Everything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” Misty Copeland This is exactly our secret: our people, from CEO to employee, are all thrilled to do something great for our customers, and that’s how we’ve done the first sample flat in the Indian real estate industry. We’re the first to register a brand as a real estate company; we’re also the first to introduce plans like “Apne Dam Par,” which is a game changer for us; and we’re also the first to launch plans like “Growth Partner,” which is made for both customers and investors. So, with our creative and determined people, we are able to achieve this offer, and we’re also going to do this more and more in the future.

Should we worry about quality?

We always chose quality over quantity; yes, our price is significantly lower than the market, but our quality is always higher than the market. For us, customer satisfaction always comes first, so we didn’t do anything to compromise your housing experience.

Is it located in an isolated place?

“We have a natural view from our building, but we weren’t located in the jungle”. Funny yeah! But our project location is at Kanakia Road, which is a very good location at Mira Road. From our project, you’ll get social connectivity, transport connectivity, and much more, and with our amenities, you can experience luxury life; with our views, you can experience natural vibes; and what’s better than Mumbai life? So, we’ve got everything for you.

When will the offer end?

Right now we’re at the construction stage, and people are occupying it to live an experience on an affordable budget. Our offer will end once the project is completed or when all flats are booked, whichever is earlier.


“1BHK Ki Price Mein 2BHK” is a new invention by Ghar Ho To Aisa – Rashmi Group, not for attracting customers to our project but to provide them with the seamless best experience of a house in an affordable budget. With our determined and creative team, we’re able to achieve this magnificent offer.

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